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What is meltemi?

Meltemi or etesian are the strong, dry north winds of the Aegean Sea, which blow from about mid-May to mid-September and they are a dominant weather influence in the Aegean Basin.

They are at their strongest in the afternoon and often die down at night, but sometimes meltemi winds last for days without a break. Similar winds blow in the Adriatic and Ionian regions. Meltemi winds are dangerous to sailors because they come up in clear weather without warning and can blow at 7–8 Beaufort. Some yachts and most inter-island ferries cannot sail under such conditions. However, they often provide a good, steady sailing wind favored by leisure sailors.

The word etesian ultimately derives from the Greek word ἔτος / etos “year”, connotating the yearly fluctuation in frequency of appearance of these winds. Etesians have been described since ancient times. Historically, Philip II of Macedon timed his military operations so that powerful southern fleets could not reach him: their ships could sail north only very slowly while the Etesian winds were blowing.

Etesians are due chiefly to the deep continental depression centered over southwest Asia and blow from a direction which may be anywhere between north-east and north-west depending on local topography; meltemi weather is ordinarily fine and clear, the northerly winds tempering the fierce summer heat of the region.

In the Northern Aegean Sea, the etesians blow as winds of northeasterly to northerly direction. Moving south, in the central Aegean, they blow as winds of northerly direction, while in the southern Aegean, the Cretan and the Carpathian sea, they blow as northwesterlies. The same winds blow in Cyprus as westerlies to southwesterlies, being more humid.

What if i feel seasick onboard?

You shouldn’t worry because roughly onethird of people are highly susceptible to motion sickness so that’s not an uncommon situation for us and therefore, MViPS Sailing guide_EN / Sailing guide_GR (click to download) was published. If you follow the steps you will most likely have a nauseafree cruise. In case that’s not enough we can provide OTC (over the counter) motion sickness prevention pills but only under your full responsibility due to possible sideeffects you might experience.

Is it safe to bring my camera or phone onboard?

Yes it’s safe! As MVIPS we provide IPX8 waterproof bags for your phone while also an underwater action camera is available and free of charge in case your camera isn’t waterproof. If you use our camera you can download your photos/videos by our DropBox account after the trip. The photos and videos will remain online* for 2 days.  For professional cameras, we strongly recommend to bring your own special waterproof accessories.

*We aim in your privacy and therefore we only share your own photos with a private link.

What if we choose Poseidon or Aphrodite itinerary and we need a transfer to adamas port and back?

You should inform us or our agent about it, in order proper arrangements to take place. This is a service we outsource and as a result an extra cost is applicable. Cost varies depending on number of people and pick up location.

We want to see the sea bottom, but we don't have any goggles with us.

We have our own snorkeling gear provided free of charge.

Is there a doctor onboard?

Our crew has completed successfully the First Aid training.

I follow a specific diet (vegetarian), can you arrange my meals accordingly?

Yes, please contact us to discuss all possible options.

What if i want to cancel my booking?

For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience.