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Milos is synonymous with history, relaxation and an excellent summer holiday destination. A constantly changing scenery between colourful beaches, land rocks and sea stacks, all surrounded by any possible variety of colour blue, makes cruising in Milos an unforgettable sailing experience!

That’s the reason Milos ViP Services was founded in 2019 by Andreas Kilitzoglou & Dimitris Kyritsis.


Romantic Sailing Getaway for two

From Agia Kiriaki to Kleftiko

Five-hour trip 

Departure time 8:30 or 14:30

Services include: Cave exploration and 1 bottle of wine & snacks or ….. a bottle of tsipouro with watermellon and feta cheese

Romantic sunset drink for 2

Departure from Adamas

Trip Duration is 2:30 hours

Departure 1 hour before sunset (18:30)

Services include: Snacks and a bottle of wine


four-hour daily cruise

From Agia Kiriaki to Kleftiko

Departure time 9:00 or 14:00

Minimum 6 passengers max 8

Services include: Cave exploration & beverages

Family time

From Agia Kiriaki to Kleftiko

Four-hour trip (5-hour available upon request)

Departure time 9:00 or 14:00

Services include: Snacks, beverages and you can choose between sunbathing at Gerakas beach or cave exploration

Customize your own Cruise

Live the best experience in Milos island. Customize a cruise the way you want!

Full Day Cruises :


Adamas – Kleftiko

Come and explore with us the hidden gems of west coast up to the extraordinary Kleftiko, a breathtaking scenery where the rocks are in daily basis craved by nature through strong wind and waves.


Agia Kiriaki – Kleftiko

Heavenly turquoise beaches and spectacular volcanic rocks blemished from the colours of the sunset, compose a distinctive landscape that cannot be found anywhere in the world.


Milos – Polyaigos

Listen to stories about the history of several locations while enjoying top quality traditional Greek and local tastes. Dive into the crystal clear waters and feel free to shoot -free of charge- underwater photos with our camera.

What’s Included


Open Bar


Welcome Snacks




Fresh Fruit




Underwater Action Camera


High Quality Sound System


Snorkeling Gear


Cruise Availability




Happy Customers

Great Day in Milos

Our Captain and our host were great. They provided a beautiful tour with professionalism. Safety is definitely something that Dimitris was taking care of.  Both were very friendly but also awesome cooks. Lunch was cooked and served by them on board. We enjoyed great snacks and Greek cuisine. It is worth mentioning that we were only 3 couples on the boat and everyone had much fun and got along together due to our hosts!

Thank you guys, you are great!!!

We had a wonderful time on our sailing trip in Milos, with Milos vip services. The boat was comfortable and the food and drinks onboard were excellent. Thank you Dimitri and Haris for all your hospitality.

Fantastic sailing experience

A nice September day spent on a comfortable sailing boat! Great lunch and off to a really terrific tour of Milos which is fascinating. The crew, which was the real highlight of the day, hosted the sail for a quicker ride home. Please know, if the wind is up, you can and probably will, get wet during the sail home especially if you are on the front of the boat.

Absolutely perfect, a must do!

We highly recommend taking this sailing yacht cruise while in Milos. Our skippers Dimitris and Haris were the perfect hosts. Nice day eating, drinking and spending time on the boat and in the water. We enjoyed spending the day with the other people on the boat, too. Excellent Milos excursion.

Creating "unforgetable" memories

“I  was so impressed with this boat and staff as we sailed around Milos. Beautiful views throughout our travel. Then the boat anchored and we were invited to go swimming. It was amazing jumping off the boat into the water. An unforgettable experience! The boat staff had great snacks, lunch and drinks as well

Completed Cruises

Satisfied Customers


What is meltemi?

Meltemi or etesian are the strong, dry north winds of the Aegean Sea, which blow from about mid-May to mid-September and they are a dominant weather influence in the Aegean Basin. They are at their strongest in the afternoon and often die down at night, but sometimes meltemi winds last for days without a break. Similar winds blow in the Adriatic and Ionian regions. Meltemi winds are dangerous to sailors because they come up in clear weather without warning and can blow at 7–8 Beaufort. Some yachts and most inter-island ferries cannot sail under such conditions. However, they often provide a good, steady sailing wind favored by leisure sailors. The word etesian ultimately derives from the Greek word….

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